Monday, 10 June 2013

RS200 Continuous Kicker..(including pictures)

RS200 Continuous Kicker..

A few months ago I bought an old RS200, sail number 489. It hadn't been modernised at all and still had the old square running system on it, anyway that's another story but i removed all that, along with a handful of spares from inside the bowsprit. But one of the important things that I wanted was a continuous kicker, as there's nothing worse than rounding the windward mark and needing to dump the kicker to find that all the spare rope is down to leeward!

RS200 589

Anyway after a bit of asking around I decided not to do anything fancy with take up slack elastic that I had had on previous Int 14s. I found a couple of cheek blocks that Allen Brothers make which fitted perfectly under the grab rails and are articulated so that they lie at the correct angle.

The block is an A2026

RS200 Continous Kicker - Shows block attached under grab rail

I drilled a small 3 mm pilot hole in the grab rail and fitted them with a couple of 20 mm pan head stainless screws, ran the rope from the cleat up to the new blocks and then fitted a small bullseye fairlead on in front of the centre jammer to guide the sheet back over to the other side.

RS200 Continous Kicker - Small Bullseye Fairlead in front of Centre Jammer

RS200 Continous Kicker - Block attached under grabrail

I took the boat out for its first sail with my 5 year old son yesterday and although there is a bit of slack rope knocking around when the kicker is pulled on, it worked perfectly.

RS200 Continous Kicker - Block attached under grabrail

Any questions please ask


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